COVID Boosters

We have come a long way since the onset of the pandemic and while the vaccines have been successful thus far in reducing the risk of hospitalizations and COVID deaths, the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is recommending that vaccinated individuals receive the COVID-19 booster. Just like any vaccine, it can wane over […]

Medicare Fraud

The 2021 Medicare open enrollment season is almost here…you wouldn’t think scammers would miss out on a prime opportunity to do what they do best would you? Of course not! This is why we want to remind you to be as vigilant as possible when it comes to who’s calling you, the notices you are […]

6 Tips to Help You Make Your Money Last

According to a recent study conducted by the Society of Actuaries, 28% of Americans 50 years old and older underestimate their life expectancy by five years or more- especially women! Underestimating longevity and one’s actual financial needs is problematic as it could lead to one outliving their savings and unable to afford their basic needs […]

Your Guide to Pain Management

Aging is a beautiful thing…until you get the chronic pain that comes along with it. Chronic pain is pain that is ongoing and typically lasts longer than six months. This type of pain can continue even after the injury or illness that caused it has healed or recovered because pain signals can remain active in […]

Healthy Aging

Oh, healthy aging…the common goal we all have as we approach and embrace the second half of our lives. But wait, what does “healthy aging” actually mean? The key to healthy aging is making a series of small but impactful lifestyle changes to keep your mind and body functioning as optimally as possible. A great […]