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Stay connected with our caregiving team by phone.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all of us and we have found that it has had a particularly negative effect on seniors who need help at home and who crave companionship.

ABC has and continues to provide ongoing virus protection training to workers as well as take every precaution to keep both our clients and employees safe. However, even with all of the training and development that is happening, there are some folks that do not feel comfortable with signing up for home care or reinstating their home care services at this time because they do not want someone coming into their home. If you are concerned about the safety of home health care during the pandemic, call the office – 781.245.1880 – and speak to a representative for more information on our enhanced safety practices.

ABC’s Telehealth Program has been a popular add-on service for many of our existing clients. When signing up for this program, a client will receive a weekly phone call from a friendly, reliable member of the ABC staff who will check in on them and brighten up their day. It has been a wonderful and worthwhile program throughout this pandemic as it has provided countless seniors throughout a variety of communities with the companionship that they need without any need for in-person contact!

What’s more is that the telehealth program has provided added peace of mind for family members of clients as details from all calls is documented and necessary parties are informed if there is need for concern. This program is perfect for seniors living alone whose family members live far away or cannot call or check in as much as they would like.

Do you know someone who could benefit from ABC’s Telehealth Program? Call 781-245-1880 for more information.