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Patient Observer/Hospital Sitter

As a patient in a hospital you’re one of many being cared for. Having a ABC patient observer/hospital sitter ensures you receive the one-to-one care you need, when you need it along with companionship.

Patients are provided the medical care they need from the hospital staff, though those teams have many patients to care for. While you might not be able to be there when your loved one is hospitalized, an alternative is a hospital patient observer/sitter from ABC. Having a patient observer/private sitter will not only provide companionship making their stay safer and more pleasant, it will also ensure they receive the one-to-one care they need, when they need it, by being proactive on the patient’s behalf.

Benefits of Patient Observers/Private Sitters:

  • Provides your loved one with a dedicated caregiver keeping them safer and ensuring they have their needs met quickly.
  • Your sitter serves as a patient advocate, ensuring they get the services they need, when they want or need it.
  • Companionship often improves the outcome of the patient’s illness.
  • Dedicated caregivers reduce the risk of infection and falls.

Why Choose an ABC Home Healthcare Patient Observer/Sitter:

  • ABC patient observers/sitters are certified Home Health Aides and/or Certified Nursing Assistants
  • ABC patient observers/sitters are trained in accordance with Hospital policies and requirements
  • ABC services are tailored to the needs of the patient

ABC patient observers/sitters are present to:

  • Ensure patient is comfortable and safe
  • Give baths and assist with personal care
  • Assist patient to bathroom
  • Monitor intake and output
  • Assist with patient transfers
  • Help with ambulation, range of motion and exercises
  • Change linens
  • Provide skin care and turn patient to reduce risk of skin breakdown
  • Prevent patient from pulling out tubes and/or disconnecting oxygen
  • Keep patient from falling out of bed
  • Keep patient’s area neat and clean
  • Feed the patient
  • Keep notes for family
  • Report patient status to the nurse at the end of shift
  • Ensure all visitors follow Infection Control procedures

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