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Respite Care

Respite care is essential for both the client and the caregiver. For as little as a few hours a week, ABC can help you care for your loved one at home.

By definition, respite care is taking a break from something difficult; while caregiving isn’t always difficult it can have its challenging moments. That is where ABC comes in.

Respite care is something you as a caregiver decide how much you need.  The great thing about respite care is that it doesn’t necessarily need to follow a schedule unless YOU want it to, though it does need to be planned for in advance. It can be as little as a few hours during the day or as much as (up to) 24-hours a day.  Perhaps you have a family outing or event that just isn’t the right environment for your older loved one? Respite care can be arranged to ensure your loved one has a trained, compassionate caregiver with them providing the care they need while you enjoy some time away.

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