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Non-Contact Shopping

All our staff including our shoppers are trained in infection control.  But for those who would like an extra level of security we have a Non-Contact Shopping service. 

This enables clients to safely get their groceries, necessary household items and prescriptions without ever having to leave the house and without having to have any contact with a worker because the worker will leave the items at your door or just inside your door- whichever you choose!

How it works:

  • You place the following items for the ABC shopper into a clean sandwich bag with your name taped on to the bag:
    • CASH or EBT Card only if approved by ABC office. NO credit cards or debit cards will be accepted for your security
  • Our shopper will stay at the door to receive the sandwich bag from you.
  • After shopping is completed, our shopper will return to your home and knock on the door (the worker will not go into the your home).
  • As a client, you should be prepared to accept the groceries at the door. Our shopper will wipe down the shopping bags with hand sanitizer before leaving the bags at the door/just inside the door (whichever you prefer).
    • Our shopper will also return the your sandwich bag which will contain the receipt, the EBT card (if applicable) and any change.

For more information on our Non-Contact Shopping program, call us at 781-245-1880. We look forward to assisting you.