Medicare Fraud

The 2021 Medicare open enrollment season is almost here…you wouldn’t think scammers would miss out on a prime opportunity to do what they do best would you? Of course not! This is why we want to remind you to be as vigilant as possible when it comes to who’s calling you, the notices you are […]

Scams Targeting Older Adults

Coronavirus Scams Affecting Our Seniors The coronavirus pandemic has brought about many challenges as we all do our very best to adjust to a “new normal” of living in lockdown and adhering to the Government’s call for social distancing across the globe. Many are struggling with feelings of fear and confusion during this unprecedented time […]

Senior Scams on the Rise – How to Avoid Being a Victim

Protecting Yourself From Scams: Knowledge is Power Today, more so than ever before, seniors are becoming unsuspecting victims of numerous scams because scammers are becoming smarter and smarter with each fraudulent act. While there is beauty and great progress in our technologically advanced world, the downfall is that scam artists now have countless resources at […]