Senior Wellness

Pillars of Senior Wellness for Older Americans Month As we age, mobility decreases, vision and hearing issues become more significant, financial resources become more limited and it becomes increasingly difficult to manage medical appointments. For these reasons and many more, staying healthy remains one of the biggest challenges for seniors and older adults. People expect […]

Disposing of old prescriptions

As much of the healthcare in America is designed around treating various symptoms (especially when it comes to treating symptoms of chronic issues), it should come as no shock when people report having excess medication lying around that was once prescribed to treat a past sinus infection, alleviate pain post-surgery procedure etc. If spring cleaning […]

Tax Tips for Older Adults

Knock, knock…it’s Uncle Sam! Hard to believe it’s tax season already but here we are! If you haven’t made an appointment with your Certified Public Accountant (CPA), now is the time to do so as their schedules book up fast. Did you know that there are services available to seniors that allow your taxes to […]


Make the Most of Your Retirement Make the Most of Your RetirementMake the Most of Your RetirementThanks to modern medicine and other health resources, Americans are living longer than decades prior. Not only are older adults living longer but they are able to maintain a good quality of life throughout their golden years due to […]


Caregiver Support & Resources As a home care agency, we understand how challenging caregiving can be and how caregiving is even harder and more daunting for those acting as family caregivers. It’s hard enough to ask for help…finding the help you need shouldn’t be hard. Bringing in home care services can help both the family […]

Caregiver Burnout

How to Prevent Caregiver Burnout The saying goes “take care of yourself first” but how are you supposed to do this when your loved one requires your help? It’s a crossroad where EVERY family caregiver finds themselves at a certain point in their caregiving journey. 53 million Americans are providing unpaid care for relatives and […]