Medicare FAQs

“To enroll for Medicare, or not enroll for Medicare: that is the question” …and while we have played on the Hamlet reference here, no, we are no William Shakespeare! However, we ARE here to tell you the basics about Medicare so that you can feel informed when it comes to making this important decision. What […]

Staff Training

ABC Team Takes Training to the Next Level!  We’re delighted to acknowledge and applaud the incredible dedication and effort our team has displayed in their training during the first half of 2023. We want to take a moment to celebrate and thank our fantastic caregiving staff for the impressive investment they’ve made in their training. […]

Hearing Loss

Finding Solutions for Age-Related Hearing Loss According to the National Institute on Aging, roughly one in three older adults experience hearing loss, and this likelihood increases as we age. Factors like prolonged exposure to loud noises, certain health conditions, and family history can all contribute to hearing problems. Some people may not realize their hearing […]

Medications and Melanoma

The Connection Between Some Medications and Skin Cancer Skin cancer, also known as melanoma, can be alarming at any age. It’s particularly risky for older adults, especially those with chronic illnesses or weakened immune systems. Most of us are aware that sun exposure can lead to skin cancer. But did you know certain medications could […]

Healthy Vision

During June, which is National Safety Month, we reminded everyone how important it is to keep your home safe. We often think about hazards like loose carpets or cluttered basements. But there’s another crucial safety concern many people overlook – your vision. Poor eyesight can lead to accidents, especially for seniors. So, taking good care […]